Fractal Design Torrent Review: Totally Different, Totally Cool

Fractal Design’s Torrent offers a totally different design from what we’re used to, but the end result is a pretty unique and powerful chassis.

August 27, 2021 Update:

If you’ve been looking for the Torrent and have been unable to find it for sale, it’s likely because the company has halted sales temporarily after identifying a manufacturing flaw in the included Nexus 9P Slim Fan Hub that’s included with the case. If you’ve already purchased the case, the company recommends you unplug the fan hub and fill out this form to receive a replacement kit as soon as it’s available. While the company is hard at work on a replacement for the faulty hub, it’s also working with retailers to offer a full refund for those who don’t want to wait.

You can find the full statement from Fractal here, including support links and guides to disconnecting the hub. The original review follows below.
Most ATX cases today follow a pretty straightforward design, not really differing all that much. Often you’ll see the same basic layout and a few differences in visuals. Okay, that’s not giving the case manufacturers enough credit, but you get the idea: PSU at the bottom, rest of the system in the top. But today, Fractal Design is coming out with the Torrent, and it feels like the designers got amnesia that led to forgetting what most ATX cases are like, which resulted in something totally different. 

The Torrent is unlike most other ATX cases that I’ve run into, but not in a bad way. With the trend toward higher-and-higher TDP hardware, the Torrent seems primed to capitalize on that, with a design that should offer more airflow than any other case I’ve tested yet – hence the name Torrent.

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