Fresh n’ Lean review: The best prepared meal delivery service we’ve tried

Period. End of story.

If you’re looking for the best prepared meal delivery service overall in 2021, I’ve got some good news. Meal delivery is convenient, first and foremost, and that’s an indisputable fact about pretty much all of them. What’s less certain is whether a given meal subscription service will churn out pre-made lunches and dinners that are actually good, good for you and worth the money. 

When it comes to ready-to-eat meal delivery, there are naturally some hits and misses. Even within a particular service no matter how well run an operation, you’re bound to run into some meals that taste amazing and others that fall flat. Knowing these variables, the goal is finding the meal delivery service with the most great-tasting and healthy meals for you to for those days or nights you don’t want to cook — or clean up — but still desire something delicious.

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