G.Skill Z5i Review: Shake Your Memory Maker

G.Skill’s Z5i isn’t the most practical Mini-ITX case, nor is it a great performer. But its bent glass panels do look absolutely stunning.

You probably know G.Skill for making some of the best RAM, particularly for overclockers. But from time to time the company likes to dabble in other categories, like peripherals. But today we’re reviewing another unicorn: A G.Skill PC case. The chassis in question is the G.Skill Z5i, which is a compact ITX case with a strong focus on looks.

As such, the Z5i has two bent–yes bent–glass panels with a dark tint, making it quite an eye catcher. This also makes it somewhat expensive at $199, but in all honesty, the price isn’t all that outrageous if you consider that many other low-volume ITX cases can easily run upwards of $300.

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