Garmin Lily review: One of the best smartwatches designed for women

The Garmin Lily is a refreshing take on the chunkier, more masculine sports watches.

The Lily’s circular design and slim bezel comes closer to the look of a traditional women’s wristwatch than any other smartwatch I’ve tested. That’s because the $200 Garmin Lily is one of the first smartwatches designed specifically for women. Despite its smaller footprint, the Lily doesn’t miss out on key health features you’d expect from a watch released in 2021. It offers SpO2 (or blood oxygen) readings, sleep tracking, workout tracking and 24/7 heart-rate monitoring with high and low heart-rate alerts. 

If you want the fitness chops of a Garmin watch without the bulk, then the Lily is your jam. But if you want the Lily to act as a true second screen for your phone, this is not your watch. It doesn’t have built-in GPS and it falls short on smart features offered by many other watches in the same price range. It’s missing a voice assistant, contactless payments, music storage and the ability to run third-party apps.

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