Gas Station Simulator Review: A Janky But Earnest Sim

Gas Station Simulator is a surprisingly charming sim title, thanks to a decent core gameplay loop and its solid take on the daily grind.

Although accidental, Gas Station Simulator has come out at an interesting time. The UK is currently wrapped up in a fuel shortage crisis, with service stations backed up for hours as people queue to either get gas for the week ahead or take part in panic buying. Gas Station Simulator, from developer DRAGO entertainment, is slightly less chaotic than real life, but only by a little.

Gas Station Simulator puts the player in the role of an intrepid entrepreneur who is turning a run down desert gas station into a profitable enterprise. The early game sees the player get occasional telephone calls from a supposedly kindly uncle who is supporting with the property, although not everything is quite as it seems. As such, Gas Station Simulator structurally feels like what would happen if Stardew Valley took a sharp turn into late-stage capitalism.

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