Genshin Impact's Official Razer Gaming Chair & Accessories Revealed

A collaboration between Razer and Genshin Impact has resulted in stylish gaming accessories featuring the RPG’s companion character, Paimon.

A collaboration between Razer and Genshin Impact has produced a number of stylish and thematic gaming accessories. The Razer tech company is known for designing and distributing video game paraphernalia such as chairs, keyboards, computer mice and headphones. Genshin Impact, meanwhile, is a hugely popular action role-playing game developed by studio miHoYo.

miHoYo’s open-world role-playing adventure recently made headlines, due to players heavily criticizing Genshin Impact’s first anniversary celebratory events. To celebrate one year passing since the title’s release, miHoYo initiated a number of real-world events such as fan art, cosplay and photography competitions. iPads, iPhones and gift cards were among the rewards being offered for these contests, and many Genshin Impact fans quickly accused miHoYo of using the anniversary for simple advertising. The role-playing title was subsequently review bombed on the Google Play store by fans seeking to demonstrate their displeasure. The Chinese development studio sought to rectify this extreme community backlash by offering a free Genshin Impact wing glider bundle as a gift, though this has not appeased the entire player base.

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