Genshin Impact’sLatest Event Reminds Us It’s Always Been Very Gay

Queer Genshin Impact players have been eating well this month. During the gacha game’s anniversary web event, playable character Chongyun blushed as he stood with another playable character, Xingqiu. Later during the Moonchase Festival main quest, Xingqiu offered to read a romance novel to him (despite being a novelist of martial arts stories).

These moments haven’t come out of nowhere. The Genshin developer miHoYo has a history of embedding queerness into both events and seasonal content.

Since free-to-play Genshin Impact launched a year ago, it’s seen massive global success. Its characters bring in millions of dollars upon release, which makes their characterization even more important. That includes making it clear when playable characters are queer.

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