Georgia District Attorney Suspended From Office, Will Still Draw Salary for Now

A Georgia district attorney was suspended Monday following allegations that he attempted to influence a police officer’s testimony, bribe prosecutors in his office and both sway and stop a crime victim’s testimony while in office, the Associated Press reported. Despite the suspension, Chattahoochee Circuit District Attorney Mark Jones will still receive his salary for the time being.

Jones took on the position in January to supervise the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, which the Muscogee, Harris, Chattahoochee, Marion, Talbot and Taylor counties are all part of, the AP reported. The Georgia state attorney general’s office indicted Jones on September 7 for the alleged criminal misconduct, the AP reported.

Governor Brian Kemp signed the executive order Monday that put Jones’ suspension immediately in effect either until his case is resolved or his term in the district attorney office has concluded. If he is convicted of misconduct in the meantime and any appeals are unsuccessful, he’ll be removed from his position in office, the AP reported.

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