Ghost Recon Frontline Is Ubisoft's Free-To-Play Battle Royale Game

To celebrate Ghost Recon’s 20th anniversary, Ubisoft hosted a showcase unveiling the first details about a new project – Ghost Recon Frontline.

To celebrate the Ghost Recon franchise’s 20th anniversary, Ubisoft hosted a special showcase featuring insights about the series and the reveal of a new title – Ghost Recon Frontline. The Tom Clancy-branded IP first hit the market in November 2001 as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, offering a tactical experience that, along with a few of its contemporaries, went on to redefine tactical shooters.

Of course, the property’s successes didn’t end there. Developer Red Storm Entertainment, originally co-founded by Clancy himself, produced three post-launch expansions for the title and later led the charge on the 2004 sequel, Ghost Recon 2. Five other mainline entries have hit store shelves in the 15-plus years since then, in addition to a few handheld spinoffs for systems such as the PSP and Nintendo 3DS. While 2017’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands revitalized the IP, its follow-up, Breakpoint, effectively reversed all previously made progress. Considered amongst 2019’s most disappointing games, Breakpoint’s microtransactions, gameplay design, and lack of Wildlands-created features landed Ubisoft in hot water with Ghost Recon faithful. Lead developer Ubisoft Paris worked to rectify the issues that plagued Breakpoint, yet the title never managed to achieve the redemption arc afforded to its Clancy-branded brethren, Rainbow Six: Siege. Today, is a new day, though.

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