Ghostrunner PS5 Review: Still Exhilarating & Still Clunky

The PS5 upgrade for Ghostrunner overhauls its graphics and adds game modes, but it also retains its flaws & doesn’t utilize the PS5’s full potential.

After its initial demo caught the attention of the gaming community, Ghostrunner became one of 2020’s most anticipated non-AAA titles and was generally well-received at launch. The first-person cyberpunk ninja simulator offers a fast-paced and violent experience that takes a combination of quick reflexes and unyielding perseverance to complete. Much like its PS4 counterpart, Ghostrunner for the PS5 succeeds in style and vision, but falls short in the consistency of its mechanics.

Ghostrunner opens with a cinematic in which the Ghostrunner, later dubbed “Jack,” is fighting his way up Dharma City’s central tower. The Dr. Octopus-like villain, Mara “The Keymaster,” has successfully taken control of Dharma City and rules over it as a brutal authoritarian. Jack attempts to kill her and end her reign, but is quickly overpowered when Mara literally traps and disarms him before throwing him off the tower. He’s eventually reactivated and as he examines his new cybernetic arm, a voice in his head wastes no time in telling him to get up and move.

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