Gotham Knights Revisits Batman's Suspicious Death Ahead of DC FanDome

The newest teaser image for Gotham Knights revisits the strange circumstances behind Batman’s death ahead of the game’s DC FanDome showing.

Developer WB Games Montréal has unleashed a new teaser image for Gotham Knights, which reexamines Batman‘s suspicious death. The latest look at the game comes days ahead of Gotham Knights‘ scheduled appearance at DC FanDome. What exactly the studio plans to showcase during its segment remains unknown, but fans can tune in to the festivities on Saturday, October 16.

While Gotham Knights doesn’t take place in Rocksteady Studios’ Arkhamverse, Batman’s passing in the new title from WB Games Montréal sounds eerily familiar. The reveal trailer for Gotham Knights opens with Bruce Wayne speaking to the Bat-family via video message, a message he recorded prior to purposefully destroying the Batcave. News reports early in the trailer make note of a shocking explosion, collapsed building, and one lone, deceased body found amid the wreckage – that of billionaire Bruce Wayne.

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