Green Chef review: Healthy meal kit delivery built for an organic lifestyle

These nutritious recipes are made from mostly organic ingredients with lots of vegan and low-carb options. But how do Green Chef’s meal kits fare when put to a taste test?

When the meal kit craze hit it was only a matter of time before the niche versions started popping up to join the party. For those seeking a boost with weekday dinners by way of, easy, healthy, organic meal kits that can accommodate designer diet plans, Green Chef has officially entered the conversation.

Green Chefoperates like most other meal kit services, sending preportioned ingredients, ready to be made into an easy lunch or dinner, only with a strong emphasis on quality, organic produce, meats and other ingredients where possible. You might say that organic food is Green Chef’s key selling point and for a lot of people trying to eat better, eating organic is an easy way to filter out a lot of not-so-healthy foods. 

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