Guardians of Hyelore Review: Good In Short Bursts

Guardians of Hyelore lets players build their own army and lay siege to an array of monstrous foes, but the auto-pilot combat grows dull with time.

Developed by Megaglope Studios and published by Freedom Games (Dark Deity, Nine Years Of Shadows), Guardians of Hyelore looks to provide a fresh take on the classic tower defense formula mixed with survival elements, even if the end result is a bit uneven.

Guardians of Hyelore’s premise is a simple one: players command an ever-advancing army as it marches across the battlefield to take out an opposing tower base. Players can choose from up to 18 different combat units, each with unique stats and special abilities that grow stronger as the game goes on. Units are divided into four categories: warriors, healing support units, archers, and spellcasters. There are also Guardians, stronger command units that can be recruited after a cooldown finishes.

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