Halloween Kills Producer Would Love to Bring Back Michael Myers' Niece

Halloween Kills producer says he would love to bring back Danielle Harris as Michael Myers’ niece, Jamie Lloyd, but says it didn’t fit the new story.

Halloween Kills producer Ryan Freimann says that he would love to bring Michael Myers’ niece back to the franchise. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers established that Laurie Strode had a daughter named Jamie Lloyd. Michael Myers’ was Laurie Strode’s brother in the original Halloween continuity, making Jamie his niece. Danielle Harris played Jamie in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers before J.C. Brandy made a brief appearance as the character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. 

David Gordon Green’s current Halloween trilogy has been praised partly because Jamie Lee Curtis returned as Laurie Strode. 2018’s movie also brought back Nick Castle, who played The Shape in John Carpenter’s original movie, for a single scene. Paying homage to past movies has gone over well with fans of the franchise, and Halloween Kills is bringing back a ton of characters from the original Halloween. Kyle Richards is returning as Lindsey Wallace, Nancy Stephens as Nurse Marion Chambers, and Charles Cypher as Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Tommy Doyle is also returning for the sequel, although franchise newcomer Anthony Michael Hall is playing him.

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