HBO Max’s Halloween Hub Using IT Door Gag for Randomized Streaming

If you’re looking across all of the man Halloween-themed hubs on every streaming service looking for something to watch, and believe us all of them have one, HBO Max has come up with the perfect option for those of us that can’t make up our minds. Channeling one of the best moments from 2017’s IT, the “Halloween is Here” collection on the streamer has an option with three randomized selections for users that want to watch something, but don’t know what to watch. All you have to do, like the kids in Derry did inside the house on Neibolt Street is pick one of three doors: Not Scary at All, Scary, and Very Scary.

Under a banner that reads “31 Days of Tricks or Treats” this clever method of finding users something to watch during spooky season. HBO Max notes that the selection behind each of these doors “Refreshes daily” meaning if you watch any or all of these three titles you’ll be able to come back tomorrow for a brand new selection. Today behind the “Not Scary at All” door is “Shiver Me Timbers!,” a spooky episode of Popeye about an alleged ghost ship; clicking on the “Scary” door will bring up the 1970 cult horror movie Equinox; and clicking on “Very Scary” brings up the 2009 remake My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

HBO Max’s Halloween hub is divided into a ton of different sections with appropriate films and TV shows underneath them including:

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