Here's When Disney's Zombies 3 Is Coming Out

Disney has confirmed Zombies 3, the final installment in this trilogy, but when will it be released on Disney Channel? Here’s what we know.

Disney Channel has been home to a variety of movies, and in 2018 it brought a musical movie very different from what the audience would expect from the Mouse House: Zombies. Its success led the studio to move forward with a sequel and a third movie was also announced, but when is Zombies 3 coming out? Disney has explored a variety of genres in its movies, TV shows, and TV movies for years, and when it comes to the movies that go straight to Disney Channel, there seems to be more creative freedom. Disney Channel has seen movies like High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Descendants, and more recently it explored a different style with a musical featuring zombies.

Directed by Paul Hoen and based on the pilot Zombies & Cheerleaders by David Light and Joseph Raso, Zombies (stylized Z-O-M-B-I-E-S) is set in the town of Seabrook, where 50 years back, an accident at the local Power Plant resulted in an explosion that caused half the population to turn into zombies. The government eventually developed bracelets for the zombies to keep them from craving brains, allowing zombies and humans to coexist. In the present day, zombie football player Zed (Milo Manheim) and human cheerleader Addison (Meg Donnelly), meet in high school and fall in love, but they also have to lead their respective groups to coexist with each other.

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