How Capcom used motion capture to bring Resident Evil Village’s scariest monsters to life

When it came to the motion capture for Resident Evil Village, the team at Capcom had a big challenge — literally. The horror game’s standout character was the nine-feet, six-inch-tall Lady Dimitrescu. She’s around three feet taller than actress Maggie Robertson, who handled both the character’s voice and performance capture. For presentation director Masato Miyazaki, this created a dilemma. He could’ve outfitted Robertson with some kind of prosthetic or prop to make her appear larger, but that would have restricted her ability to move around and act in a natural way.

So the team did something more drastic. “We had to figure out how to adjust the environment to accommodate the height difference,” he tells The Verge. That meant building two different sets; one at a normal human size, the other designed for Dimitrescu’s towering frame.

While Resident Evil is best known for its undead zombies, the franchise has steadily expanded to other monsters. With Village that included not only Dimitrescu and her vampiric cohort, but even more outlandish creatures like werewolves, living dolls, and a particularly creepy baby. This meant coming up with inventive ways to utilize motion capture to give these monsters a lifelike feel.

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