How Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch Learned She Died in WandaVision

Lashana Lynch explains how Kevin Feige pre-warned her that her Captain Marvel character, Maria Rambeau, would be killed off-screen in Wandavision.

Lashana Lynch has revealed how she learned her character, Maria Rambeau, was to die off-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as confirmed in WandaVision. The actress, who plays Nomi in the newly released Bond film No Time to Die, was one of the highlights of the supporting cast in Captain Marvel. Lynch has yet to make a second appearance in the MCU, but canonically her character was confirmed dead in the recent Disney+ series.

Maria Rambeau was the best friend of Carol Danvers on Earth, before the aspiring pilot flew off to become the cosmic superhero Captain Marvel. Reuniting with her superhuman friend to battle the Skrulls and later the Kree, Rambeau was last seen continuing to raise her young daughter Monica while Carol took to space to protect other planets. With Captain Marvel being a 1990s-based period piece, Rambeau has not been since in the present day MCU, but all loose-ends seemed tied up forever when the character was killed off-screen, having succumbed to terminal illness as confirmed in WandaVision episode 4, “We Interrupt This Program.” Her daughter, Monica, now an adult S.W.O.R.D agent, was one of the standout new characters in the genre-bending miniseries released earlier this year.

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