How Friday the 13th's Jason Rights Battle Compares To Marvel's

Original creator Victor Miller recently regained the rights to Friday the 13th’s Jason, but could that be a bad sign for Marvel’s own rights battle?

After a years-long court battle, creator Victor Miller has won back the rights to Friday the 13th‘s Jason, and Marvel will soon face a similar fight. It’s no secret that American copyright law is far from simple. It contains many rules and provisions, and it’s no wonder that a class of lawyers specializes specifically in copyright cases. While most copyright fights likely wouldn’t draw much attention from people not involved in the proceedings, those revolving around pop culture properties are often a different story.

For nearly 13 years, fans of the Friday the 13th horror franchise have pined for another Jason adventure to be made, with the closest they got being a Friday the 13th video game. A huge stumbling block in the way of Friday the 13th Part 13 has been a bitter court battle between Sean Cunningham – longtime producer of the franchise – and Victor Miller, who wrote the script for Friday the 13th. This has prevented the franchise from continuing to expand in recent years.

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