How to Exclude Certain Words from Spellcheck in Microsoft Word

A spelling exclusion list is a list of words you can force Word to flag as misspelled, even when they are listed in the main dictionary as correctly spelled words. We will show you how to add a custom list of words you want to always flag as misspelled.

For example, if you tend to type “suing” rather than “using”, or “parent” rather than “patent”, the normal spell check will think “suing” and “parent” are correctly spelled words, when that’s rarely what you meant to type. Or perhaps you are following style guidelines and using specific spellings of words, such as “theatre” instead of “theater”. In these examples, you would add the words “suing”, “parent”, and “theater” to the exclusion list so they are excluded from the main dictionary and flagged as misspelled no matter what.

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