How to Prepare a Computer, Tablet, or Phone Before Selling It

So it’s the end of the road for your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Before letting go, be sure to follow this quick checklist to prepare your device for its new owner and ensure that person doesn’t get their hands on your data, too.

This part’s obvious, but it’s important anyway. Be sure to back up any important data on your old computer, smartphone, or tablet before wiping it. You should already be regularly backing up anyway, as this will protect you from hardware failures, malware, and other threats.

Thanks to cloud services, much of your important personal data may already come with you. Files stored in services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive are stored online and can be easily accessed on your new PC. But there’s still a good chance you have important local files sitting around. Consult our look at what files you should back up on your Windows PC if you need some help.

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