How to Protect Your Smarthome from Attack

Every new device you introduce into your smarthome is another device that can be attacked. You can secure your smarthome with simple steps like locking down your router and taking proper care of the gadgets in your smarthome.

Most smarthome devices require access to the internet to work correctly. While not all devices connect directly to the internet (like z-wave bulbs), those that don’t typically connect to a hub or other device to gain internet access. So in many ways, the single most significant point of vulnerability is your router.

And securing your router should be your first step. You should change your default admin password used access the router. Update the router’s firmware if it’s out of date, and enable encryption. Always use a complicated password unique to your Wi-Fi router. With a standard (not-Mesh) router, you can accomplish all of this from the router’s web interface. All you need is to find your router’s IP address. Mesh routers, on the other hand, don’t have a web interface. You’ll make the changes from an app.

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