How to use the PS5’s M.2 SSD expandable storage

Sony has started beta testing the first software update for the PS5 today, and it includes M.2 SSD expandable storage support. The long-awaited feature is available for testers right now and will launch on all PS5 consoles later this year. We’ll need to test a variety of drives with the PS5, but right now Sony requires at least a PCIe Gen4 SSD, with a minimum capacity of 250GB. Sony is also recommending a drive capable of 5,500MB/s, but slower Gen4 drives may still be supported.

I’ve tested Corsair’s Force MP600 (2TB) with the PS5, which has lower read speeds (4,950MB/s) than Sony recommends, and a colleague confirmed a Sabrent Rocket (500GB, rated at 5,000MB/s) seems to do just fine as well. It’s very easy to get it all up and running in less than two minutes. Here’s how it all works:

Sony’s new PS5 M.2 SSD support is in beta, so we’re still waiting to hear from SSD manufacturers about all the drives supported. Seagate is the first to confirm FireCuda 530 drives are compatible with the PS5, and we’ve tested both Corsair’s Force MP600 and this Sabrent Rocket to confirm they work just fine on the PS5 (albeit without the heatsink attached). We’ll have more details on supported drives as and when manufacturers confirm their list of SSDs.

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