Hulk's Powers Just Got a Disturbing New Spin (But Finally Make Sense)

Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk when he’s angry thanks to gamma radiation, but where does that extra mass come from? Black Widow has a solution.

Warning: contains spoilers for Black Widow #11!

Ever since he was irradiated in a gamma bomb detonation, Bruce Banner has been able to assume the huge, muscular form of the Incredible Hulk, but not everything about this transformation makes sense. Hulk is one of the strongest mortals in the Marvel Universe, but he comes by that strength honestly, his massive frame growing mightier the angrier he gets. But as any physicist will tell you, mass doesn’t come from nowhere. The idea that Bruce Banner’s body contains everything it needs to grow so strong that his left hook could make even Galactus stumble just can’t be right.

The latest issue of Black Widow (from Kelly Thompson and Rafael de Latorre) offers a solution to this quandary. After escaping a fake life built by villains to keep her safely away from her duties as a superhero, Natasha has moved to LA to start again. Assembling a team jokingly referred to as the “Spy-der Ladies,” Black Widow is trying to find out more about the underworld of the West Coast. Looking for information, Natasha and Yelena Belova seek out socialite twins Liv and Lars.

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