Hunter x Hunter Is Getting a Big Anniversary Gift This Month

Hunter x Hunter has kept to itself for a couple of years now, but its fans are keeping its legacy alive right now. With the manga on hiatus, many are revisiting the anime to keep up with Gon, and now is a good time to spot the series. After all, the anime just welcomed its tenth anniversary, and Hunter x Hunter is gifting fans a surprise for the milestone.

The report comes from Japan as fan-pages like SugoiLITE noticed an update from Shueisha online. It was there they learned Hunter x Hunter is getting an anniversary tribute in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The gift will bring the series to life in a special illustration, and fans are excited to see what the poster brings.

After all, it has been some time since Hunter x Hunter has put out any official updates. The anime in question ended in September 2014 after debuting years earlier on October 2, 2011. The first Hunter x Hunter anime ended way back in 2001 less than two years after it began. And of course, the manga is ongoing despite it being on a hiatus at the moment.

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