Insurgency: Sandstorm Xbox Review – A Challenging and Realistic FPS

Insurgency: Sandstorm has realistic gun mechanics, 14 maps, and a diverse set of game modes for players to enjoy either online or locally with AIs.

Insurgency: Sandstorm, a realistic first-person shooter developed by New World Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment, was recently released on console, and it doesn’t seem to have the bugs from the PC version. The biggest change in this installment of the Insurgency series is the exclusion of a campaign mode. Instead, Insurgency: Sandstorm focuses solely on team-based game types with objectives to secure or destroy. Each game mode has unique features that make it diverse enough from other match types to keep players entertained.

Considered one of 2018’s best indie games, Insurgency: Sandstorm has co-op, versus, and local game modes. With local, players have the freedom to test and hone their skills while fighting with an AI team to capture and destroy a series of objectives in order to defeat the opposing side. The checkpoint mode is intuitive, and there’s a hardcore difficulty option for advanced players. Practicing in local can help players grow more accustomed to Insurgency: Sandstorm‘s quick TTK (time to kill) rate.

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