iOS 15.0.1 Fixes Three Annoying iPhone Bugs, So Download It Right Now

Apple’s latest iOS update fixes three annoying bugs that affected the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad, solving unlocking, storage, and workout glitches.

Apple quickly resolved some annoying bugs that came with the launch of iOS 15, including one that affected only the iPhone 13 owners that also use an Apple Watch. While none are critical errors and the update doesn’t resolve any urgent security issues, any iPhone owners dealing with glitches should download it right now to clear up these concerns.

iOS 15 was a big update, including some dramatic changes to the Safari browser and expanding FaceTime’s features with better group calling and sharing. The Photos app and camera app now have the ability to recognize text in images and allow the user to select it for copying or translation. A telephone number in a photo can be clicked to launch the Phone app and dial the number. Tags can now be used in the Notes app and Smart Folders automatically bring group notes with matching tags, making it much easier to organize a big collection.

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