Is Sora the Next Smash Bros. DLC Character?

New leaked images may have revealed Sora as the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but how much truth is there to these photos?

It seems Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans may be on the cusp of learning who the next DLC character is for the game’s second Fighter’s Pass. While it’s only been a little over a month since Minecraft’s Steve was added to the Smash roster, a recent leak states that the next DLC character could soon be revealed. Images of Kingdom Hearts’ protagonist, Sora, fighting in Smash Bros hit 4Chan just a few days ago. This leak hasn’t been confirmed or denied, but the images are notable nonetheless as Sora has been a character Smash fans have wanted to see in the game for quite some time.

The leaked Smash Bros images don’t show much, but they look like they could be the real deal. The images feature Sora’s icon from the character select screen, with alternate skins, as well as shots of Sora fighting with Incineroar in the Smash Bros training arena. It’s also worth noting that Sora’s character icon is located in the correct place, to the right of Steve’s. As authentic as these images look, though, they also look fairly similar to other fake Smash Bros character leaks. There’s a chance this Sora could just be a modded character added into the game by a player. It would make sense, especially considering they’re fighting in the training area rather than Sora’s own stage. Judging by the allegedly leaked Smash Bros images, it seems the Sora shown could just be a modded Shulk. However, there are some other details about this Smash Bros leak that give it a little more legitimacy.

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