James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 is coming to Rocket League for a limited time

Would you pay $10 for the privilege of strapping rocket boosters to James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 automobile and using it to score spectacular gravity-defying goals with a giant ball? Rocket League is officially making that possible from Thursday, July 29th through August 4th.

Epic Games developer Psyonix says it’s signed a multiyear deal with MGM and Aston Martin to bring 007 to the vehicular sporting game — starting, of course, with the ‘60s classic made famous by Goldfinger but still stealing scenes as recently as Skyfall and the upcoming No Time to Die.

Will I buy it, though? Nah — because aside from the teaser atop this post, there doesn’t seem to be much Bond about Rocket League’s version other than the DB5’s historic association with the franchise. I wasn’t expecting ejector seats, but Psyonix candidly tells me it won’t have any of the gadgety animations that might set Bond’s version apart. Turning the snazzy secret auto-rotating license plates into a simple door for the rocket engine? I suppose that’s something.

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