Jujutsu Kaisen Makes Changes to One of Maki’s Biggest Fights

Jujutsu Kaisen has made some big changes to one of Maki Zenin’s hugest fights in the series so far! Maki has undergone a number of major shifts in character following the Shibuya Incident because while the incident itself did major damage to her body, it was what came after that truly and significantly changed for the series moving forward. Nevertheless, she ends up going on a huge bloody tirade that sees her taking on many opponents, but due to series creator Gege Akutami’s declining health at the time (something that eventually led to the creator needing to take a hiatus), this fight had some rougher edges. 

As part of the demanding weekly chapter schedule for Akutami and eventually needing to take a break from this schedule due to poor health issues, some of the rougher edges from Maki’s fight in Chapter 150 of the series ended up making it to final publication. With the release of Volume 17 in Japan, which features this string of chapters in particular, Akutami was able to go back and touch up some of the pages that had come out for the final version of the series. You can check out a side by side comparison of some of these changes between the magazine and volume releases from @kaikaikitan on Twitter: 

Akutami-sensei made some changes in chapter 150!

Magazine Volume 17

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