Keanu Reeves Reveals BRZRKR R-Rated Movie & Animated Show Details

Keanu Reeves gives an update on his R-Rated live-action comic-book adaptation for Boom! Studios’ BRZRKR as well as the status of the animated show.

Keanu Reeves has provided an updated on the status of the live-action BRZRKR film, as well as the animated series. BRZRKR is a comic-book series written and created by Reeves and Matt Kindt and drawn by Ron Garney. The story focuses on an immortal warrior known simply as B., who battles his way through the ages, leading to modern day where he is used as a government weapon in exchange for their help in finding out his origins and how to end his life once and for all. The 12-issue series is currently running at Boom! Studios with the first trade paperback expected to debut this month.

Reeves came up with the concept for BRZRKR and developed it with writer Matt Kindt, coming on board to produce and star in the feature adaptation just as the first issue went to print. The live-action film will star Reeves, while he supplies his voice for the animated series. The debut issue of BRZRKR is one of the top-selling comics of the last decade, moving over 600K issues and sending it back for reprints, with subsequent issues selling out at comic shops around the world.

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