Lian Li PC-O11 Air Mini Review: An Easy, Sophisticated Alternative

Lian Li’s PC-O11D Mini is now available in an ‘Air’ variant with an additional intake and included fans. In case the score didn’t give it away, we quite like it.

Back in 2018 Lian Li introduced its PC-O11 Dynamic chassis, designed in collaboration with Der8auer, and it quickly went on to become a classic that still sells well. Then, just under a year ago the company dropped the O11D Mini, shrinking the chassis into a more cheerful format. It still fit ATX boards, but could be modified to be a cooling-focused ITX board too, or anything in between. 

Now, Lian Li is introducing the O11 Air Mini – a variant of the chassis that has an extra front intake and includes fans – at the same $110 price point. Well, the O11D Mini was priced at $99, but the tariffs have pulled that price up, too.  

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