Lorelay Bové Interview: Encanto

Encanto’s Associate Production Designer, Lorelay Bové, chats about bringing the Madrigal family to life in Disney’s magical upcoming film.

In EncantoDisney explores what bonds a family together beyond blood. The upcoming animated film, arriving in theaters on November 24, takes on the ambitious task of following a magical casita in the mountains of Columbia with over ten members of the Madrigal family, which spans generations over its runtime. Each Madrigal child is given a special gift by their mysterious home at the age of 5, and they must use it to help their community flourish.

Each child except sweet Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz, In The Heights), that is. Though bright and kind-hearted, Mirabel was inexplicably skipped over when the time came to be imbued with power. Since that day, she has carried on trying to establish her place in her vibrant community – but when their home is in danger, it may actually be her turn to step up and take the reins to save the day.

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