MagDart Is MagSafe for Android, but Why Do We Even Want 'Wireless' Charging?

MagDart is an Android answer to Apple’s MagSafe chargers, only it’s kind of better, and kind of nuts. 

MagDart comes from Realme, and is both a new technology and a new range of accessories for the upcoming Realme Flash phone. But do we even want these magnetic, “wireless” chargers? They add just a single point of convenience, and are worse in almost every other way. 

“Wireless charging is very dependent on the position of the device,” Micah Peterson of Battery Market told Lifewire via email. “It works by generating an electromagnetic field between two coils: one in the charger and one in the device. If one of the coils is offset (phone not centered on the charger) then charging will slow or stop.”

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