MakerDisk Review: microSDs and SSDs Made for Raspberry Pi

We pay a slight premium for convenience but we can have our Raspberry Pi up and running with minimal effort.

Think Raspberry Pi and you’ll likely think of microSD cards. Since the Raspberry Pi 1 arrived in 2012 until the present day, every model of Raspberry Pi has booted from a form of SD / microSD card. The reason is simple: they are cheap and plentiful. Nearly every home has an SD card, and if you are a Raspberry Pi fan or maker you are sure to have a stash of cards ready for use. 

The downsides of microSD cards are that they are easy to lose, easy to damage and over time they develop errors which can lead to data loss. But the biggest downside is speed. You need to buy a good quality SD card to guarantee good speeds, and even then the best microSD cards can be a bit underwhelming.

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