Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Is Still Incredibly Popular

Data provided exclusively to Screen Rant reveals that Agents of SHIELD is still incredibly popular – over a year after season 7 released.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is still incredibly popular – over a year after the show ended. Marvel Television’s flagship series, Agents of SHIELD was originally envisioned as the MCU’s official tie-in TV show. It became increasingly divorced from the movies as the years passed, but ironically that became its greatest strength, because skilled writers built up a mythology all their own. Agents of SHIELD performed better than Marvel Netflix, with third-party analytics suggesting demand in the U.S. was equal to shows like Better Call SaulCriminal Minds, and The Vikings.

Agents of SHIELD season 7 aired on ABC in 2020, with the season finale – which released in August – bringing the SHIELD team’s stories to a satisfying conclusion. It featured one last MCU tie-in, an epic visit to the Quantum Realm, and ended on an optimistic note that delighted viewers who’d been tuning in since 2013. The show is now available on Disney+ – Agents of SHIELD was a hit with Disney+ Beta testers – and the streaming service has even released the last two seasons in some territories where they’d never come out before. Disney is reluctant to provide viewing figures, though, but fortunately, third-party analytics companies step forward with data that gives a hint of the show’s performance.

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