Marvel's New Eternals Tease Potential MCU Conflict With X-Men

Marvel Comics just teased a heartbreaking connection between the Eternals and X-Men that could be used in future MCU storylines.

Warning! Spoilers for Eternals: Celestia #1 by Marvel Comics below

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever wants to set up a conflict between the Eternals and the X-Men, a new comic just provided perfect source material to adapt. In Eternals: Celestia #1 by Marvel Comics, Ajak and Makkari go on pilgrimage to find the corpse of the Celestial that the Avengers have turned into a home base. Along the way, a past conflict with the X-Men is brought up, setting up future tension between the two groups.

The Dreaming Celestial is one of the strongest Celestials in the Marvel Universe – who was imprisoned for eons after he noticed other Celestials breaking orders when dealing with Deviants on Earth. In the modern-day, the Dreaming Celestial awoke and chose the speedster Makkari to be his prophet. Unfortunately, the Celestial would later be tampered with by the High Evolutionary and killed by the Exterminators. Now, Marvel Comics is revisiting the death of the Dreaming Celestial and reveals the Eternals haven’t forgotten about the X-Men’s role in it.

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