Massive Facebook Outage Brings Down Gaming In Its Wake

Facebook could not be more down right now. As the world gets a taste of the alternative reality where Mark Zuckerberg played sports in college, we’re also learning just how much of our lives are entangled in the Facebook empire. As far as gaming goes, if you were hoping to pick up that new game on Oculus VR, you might be wishing you’d gone for a Vive just now. And anyone looking to log into FIFA Mobile, or Pokémon Go, or anything else attached to a Facebook account, is similarly shit out of luck.

Facebook is experiencing an absolutely enormous outage today, with every aspect of its business currently offline. Instagram, WhatsApp, and of course the infinite hellhole that is Facebook itself are all unavailable, and people around the world are looking up from their screens and noticing the sunshine for the first time in years. Despite the cartoon bluebirds landing on outstretched arms and bunny rabbits leaping from hillock to hillock to the delight of all around, those refusing to embrace this new freedom are finding Facebook’s tentacles stretch far further than they might like.

Oculus, for instance. It’s nice to pretend that those lovely Quest headsets have nothing to do with the Zuckerverse, but of course the grim reality is the two are one and the same. Last year, the literally evil corporation announced that Facebook accounts would be inextricably linked to everyone’s fancy machine hats, to the degree that deleting Facebook would mean deleting your access to purchased Oculus games. So of course with the antisocial network down, there are games and apps you now cannot play. Nor indeed is there a store from which to buy new games. Simply put, you’re getting a taste of what might happen if you ever fancied removing the tube.

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