Massive Inflatable Sails Could Cut Shipping's Carbon Footprint

Michelin says their new giant sails reduce costs and can help the shipping sector cut its carbon emissions to meet tight international targets.

Michelin’s new wing-sails are getting a lot of attention as new regulations put pressure on the shipping industry to reduce their carbon footprint. Michelin’s sail project is part of the company’s new sustainability and innovation strategy. They presented the sails along with a new racing tire containing 46% of sustainable materials and a puncture-proof airless green tire.

Maritime transportation is considered the backbone of global trade and the global economy. The sector employs billions of people around the world and sustains the way of life as we know it today. World fuels, raw materials, food, technology, medicines, there is no sector that is left untouched by maritime transport. However, the sector faces criticism due to its contribution to climate change, and new laws have set tight targets for it to cut CO2 emissions rapidly.

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