Metroid Dread's File Size Will Be Smaller Than A Call of Duty Update

The official Nintendo store page for Metroid Dread now includes the game’s total size, and it’s tiny—smaller than the average Call of Duty update.

In an age of ever-growing game sizes, Metroid Dread is bucking the trend, boasting a file size smaller than the average Call of Duty update. This will likely come as a relief to Nintendo Switch owners – with many great games to play and only so much memory space, it can be tough to decide what makes the cut and what gets left behind. With other games like Call of Duty: Vanguard demanding 270 GB of space, it’s worth noting when other high-profile games require much less real-estate.

Metroid Dread will be the latest entry in the Metroid series upon release on October 8, and is the first brand-new title in the series since 2016’s Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The Metroid series’ narrative chronology can be a bit hard to follow – something Nintendo fans are familiar with if they play the Legend of Zelda series – but the most recent plot developments occurred back in 2002 with Metroid Fusion for the Gameboy Advance. Metroid Dread picks up afterward, with the return of the X Parasites, which Samus theoretically destroyed at the end of Metroid Fusion. What exactly has brought the X Parasites back is still in question until the game comes out, but Nintendo of America tweeted about the status of Metroid X Parasites in early August, so their return is confirmed.

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