Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 review

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 offers strong performance, impressive audio, a comfy keyboard and good battery life in a sleek (if slightly dated) design

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop 4 is more evolution than revolution, packing improved components into the same slim, lightweight chassis the Surface Laptop product line is known for. Microsoft hasn’t tried to sell it as anything else, instead promising that this latest Surface Laptop lasts longer and packs more power under the hood than its predecessors. 

After spending many hours with this laptop, it’s clear those promises are true, though our test results leave plenty of room to quibble with Microsoft’s marketing. But it’s been nearly two years since the 2019 launch of the Surface Laptop 3, and in that time competing manufacturers like Dell and Apple have pushed the limits of how slim, beautiful and powerful an ultraportable can be. 

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