My Hero Academia Cosplay Takes To The Skies With Femme Hawks

The number two hero of My Hero Academia has had quite the adventure on his hands during the fifth season of the Shonen anime, being placed undercover in an attempt to learn the future plans of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. With the two villainous factions uniting under the banner of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks has shared with the hero community that the villains are planning to unleash their assault on hero society in four months, setting up the sixth season of the anime, with one cosplayer capturing the wingspan of Hawks. 

While Hawks might not have been shown fighting that often in the latest season of My Hero Academia’s anime adaptation, expect some big moments for the number two hero during the War Arc, especially when it comes to facing down the “friends” he made while a part of the League of Villains undercover. While there has been no release date revealed as to when the sixth season of the anime adaptation will land, fans of UA Academy are counting down the days until the biggest battle between the heroes and villains of Kohei Horikoshi’s franchise begins. 

Instagram Cosplayer Jordan Blaza Olsen shared this spot-on take of the number two hero who rose through the ranks of hero society despite his young age and gained his placement as a result of All Might being taken off the board following his battle against All For One: 

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