My Hero Academia Reveals How All Might Still Syncs with One For All

My Hero Academia has finally answered one of the lingering mysteries about One For All: What is All Might’s true connection to the power? Even as Izuku Midoriya has mastered One For All’s powers and made communion with the spirits of its previous users, the case of All Might has been a somewhat confusing one. After all, as the only hero to pass down One For All to a successor and survive to tell about it, the fact that Toshinori Yagi exists both in the physical world, and the spiritual realm of OFA has needed explanation. Well, in My Hero Academia chapter 328, we finally get it. 

WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga 328 SPOILERS Follow! 

In My Hero Academia Chapter 328, All Might and the heroes he’s working with get an unexpected advantage in their fight against All For One and his army of villains. During his jailbreak from Tartarus, All For One inadvertently freed Hero Killer Stain; Stain being an antihero rather than a villain meant his twisted moral code made him investigate and eventually deduce that Tartarus’s agents were hiding a prize All For One never found: a data drive. 

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