Natalie Nourigat & Ruth Strother Interview: Far From The Tree

Far From The Tree director Natalie Nourigat and producer Ruth Strother chat about the creation of their unique Disney animated short.

Animated shorts have been a staple of Disney since the 1920s, and Far From The Tree is sure to take its places alongside the best of them. Premiering in theaters before Encanto on November 24, it is the perfect companion piece because it’s all about family. Specifically, the 7-minute segment is a generation-spanning approach to parenting and how children internalize the lessons of those who came before.

But rather than introduce viewers to a human family and express the intricacies of parents and children in a short amount of time, creator Natalie Nourigat chose raccoons as her protagonists and made the emotions and interactions easy to understand by removing dialogue and instead relying on the natural sounds the animals themselves might emit. Having previously participated in Disney’s Short Circuit program with “Exchange Student,” she is no stranger to the use of experimental animation or narrative to tell a powerful short story.

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