Neo Isn’t In The Matrix: Theory Explained

Is it possible that the virtual world Neo lives in isn’t the Matrix at all? And if it’s not, where has he been? This theory might explain everything.

Is Neo really living in the Matrix during the events of The Matrix Resurrections? The highly anticipated fourth entry in the iconic Matrix franchise has only recently dropped its first trailer and given audiences a brief glimpse of what to expect from the film. With so much still unexplained, theories surrounding the plot, characters, locations, and continuity of the movie have become hot topics online, and one of these theories could prove that Neo isn’t existing in the reality viewers are expecting.

In the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, Neo reappears alive and well after supposedly dying at the end of The Matrix Revolutions (2003). Once again living under the name Thomas Anderson and existing within a virtual construct (as he was in the first film), Neo seems to have only vague memories of his prior life as the prophesied One, a savior who laid down his life to create a truce between humanity and the machines that rule the Earth.

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