Neo Returns To The Matrix In Resurrections Trailer (With Young Morpheus?)

Warner Bros. officially releases the first trailer for the highly-anticipated The Matrix 4, teasing Keanu Reeves’ return as his iconic character, Neo.

Update: Read our full breakdown of The Matrix Resurrections trailer!

The first The Matrix Resurrections trailer is officially released. Nearly 20 years after the original trilogy concluded with 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions, the iconic sci-fi franchise is on the verge of returning to the screen. Like so many Hollywood projects, The Matrix 4 was impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, having to pause filming early last year after the health crisis took a turn for the worse. Fortunately, director Lana Wachowski was able to wrap principal photography, and the movie is scheduled to debut this December. As part of Warner Bros.’ controversial release strategy, The Matrix 4 will be on HBO Max the same day as theaters.

As exciting as it is to see such a big series come back, there are numerous questions about the film to be answered. One point of confusion is Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning as Neo and Trinity, despite those characters dying in the last movie. It’ll be interesting to see how The Matrix 4 continues the story, which is why there’s excitement to see first footage. Now, after the trailer first premiered at CinemaCon in August, the Matrix Resurrections trailer is officially released to the public.

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