Netflix Hypes Its Original Anime with New Sizzle Reel

Anime has become a driving medium in Hollywood in the last decade. Slowly but surely, companies like Funimation and Crunchyroll helped elevate the medium to new heights, and its popularity has caught the attention to media giants. From Amazon to Disney, some of the biggest names in film are exploring anime, and Netflix is chief among them. And now, the streaming service is hyping its line of original titles.

Over on Twitter, Netflix Geeked gave a shoutout to its anime lineup, and fans were treated to a tasty sizzle reel of content. The clip, which can be found below, showcases some of the best shows to stream exclusively on Netflix. The Seven Deadly Sins, B: The Beginning, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and Beastars were just some shown in retrospect. And of course, a few teases were dropped for shows to come.

Anime inspires conversation, keeping us connected. There’s even more great original anime headed to Netflix.

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