Netflix’s Squid Game Looking Far More Likely To Get A Sequel

After being pretty firm that he wasn’t immediately interested in returning to Netflix’s world-storming Squid Game, writer/director Hwang Dong-hyuk appears to have had a change of heart. Looking likely to have made the streaming service’s biggest show ever can do that for you. Speaking to The Times, he explained that if a second season does go ahead, he’d like it to focus on “the issue with police officers.”

Yes, it is gaming news that Squid Game is looking more likely to get a second series. We made sure with this. Also, for goodness sakes, look how cleverly I wrote that headline. Come on. And for the avoidance of doubt, there will be epic spoilers for season one of Squid Game below. If you’re the last person on planet Earth to watch it, don’t read on from here.

Right, now he’s gone, we can talk. Remember how at the end of season one, Gi-hun turned from the plane and started back, presumably to wreak his revenge against the monstrous organizers of the Squid Game? (Did you, like I, shout, “No! What are you doing! Be a father to your daughter!” and then just feel utterly glum as the credits rolled?) That seems the obvious direction for another run of the show, but interestingly Hwang Dong-hyuk has other ideas.

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