New 'Arids' Meteor Shower To Make First Ever Appearance Tomorrow

Meteor showers are incredible sights. What if you could watch one be born? With the inaugural viewing of the Arids shower, that’ll soon be possible.

Watching any meteor shower can be loads of fun, and thanks to the incoming ‘Arids’ shower, some people will have a spectacular opportunity to watch it make its first ever appearance on Earth. It’s no secret that outer space is one of the most fascinating things around. It’s a never-ending canvas of mystery and wonder. Whether it be planets in our own Solar System or galaxies millions of light-years away,  there’s always something new to learn about the great beyond.

While deep space and research have to be left to the professionals, that’s not to say the rest of us can’t also make our own observations. A prime example of this is meteor showers. Throughout the year, numerous asteroids and meteorites hurtle through space, get sucked into Earth’s atmosphere, and soar through the sky. If someone is in the right place at the right time, they can see these visiting space rocks with their very own eyes. Some are easy to miss, others are jaw-dropping, and there are multiple chances to see one for yourself.

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