New ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ Clips Take a Look at the Problems With War

After six long years, the former ‘Daily Show’ host is back to bring to light pressing modern-day issues.

Jon Stewart's return to television, The Problem with Jon Stewart, debuted on Apple+ this week, which marks Stewart’s first satirical current affairs show since he stepped down from his position on The Daily Show in 2015. The debut episode, “The Problem with War” tackled an issue Stewart has long advocated for: the lack of healthcare treatment provided to veterans and 9/11 first responders. In fact, Stewart revealed in the episode that The Problem With was inspired by an episode of The Daily Show in which 9/11 responders confessed their disappointment with Congress and the healthcare system that failed to cover their lingering medical needs. Now, Apple TV+ has revealed three new clips from the show's debut episode.

Giving Stewart free rein to select the direction each episode will take, the series aims to explore the complex problems of our modern times, inviting experts and other knowledgeable individuals to help break down and scrutinize these issues. In 45 minutes, each episode deals with some complex subject matter which although accompanied by plenty of jokes, are analyzed in an earnest way in order to inform its viewers.

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